Condor Medtec

Condor ® MedTec is your specialist for surgical instruments of medical technology of the highest quality. We do not stand still, but want to constantly develop ourselves and our products for operations in order to create functions and innovations. That is why we stand for medical precision technology that convinces. We manufacture surgical instruments for complex medical interventions that not only make your work easier, but also advance you in the long term, and we have been doing this in medical technology for over 20 years. This also speaks for our motto "Expand your possibilities" - we create new opportunities for you.

1- RotexTable®


The RotexTable® is the top solution for surgeons, since it is the first electrically controlled positioning device for use in hip surgeries such as hip arthroscopies or endoprosthetics. Specifically when patients have cartilage injuries or labrum ruptures, surgical intervention, such as hip arthroscopies, makes sense. The problem is that the procedure is rather complex, although it is minimally invasive. Precision is what counts: During a hip arthroscopy, the hip must be in an ideal position, for example, and has to remain in it. The Condor RotexTable® makes this possible. Due to the quick setup of the system for hip arthroscopic procedures and the easy anchoring of the instruments, the surgeon saves time in addition to personnel. To get an even better view of the patient’s hip during the procedure, the RotexTable® can be rotated in five steps.

  • Provides the best options for hip arthoscopies, and hip endoprosthetic or trauma procedures.
  • Electric height adjustment by hand or foot switch for the very best site adjustment
  • Integrated safety shutdown prevents lowering under extension
  • The essential positioning of the leg or hip during hip arthroscopy, for example, is possible
  • Adjustment and easy handling: setup is complete in less than 2 minutes
  • Use of various surgical instruments: Intraoperative X-ray monitoring with no visual obstructions
  • Can be used with all popular operating tables
  • Small storage space requirement of only 90 cm²

Hip arthroscopies are technically difficult procedures. During the surgery, the surgeon must obtain an overview of the joint structures to be able to make a diagnosis on the one hand, and to be able to do accurate work on the other hand. Elaborate repositioning steps and adjustments to the patient’s position during hip arthroscopy are essential. Since we at Condor are always in touch with surgeons, we were able to develop a solution for the challenges surgeons encounter during hip arthroscopy: the Condor RotexTable®. With this invention, the surgeon can now adjust all essential leg positions during hip arthroscopies and also receives feedback about tissue tension. The risk of fracture after the fact is minimized, and the surgeon can perform intraoperative luxation tests.

2- Extension System (ES)


Top quality, ease of use, and modular flexibility are some of the performance features of the Extension System (ES) for use in hip endoprosthetics, hip arthroscopy, and the surgical treatment of femur fractures. The Condor® extension system (ES) converts every basic operating table into an extension table safely, easily, and affordably. The system is professionally manufactured with high-quality materials thus ensuring excellent quality. The use of carbon in particular facilitates intrasurgical X-ray monitoring. In a few simple steps, the surgeon can replace the standard leg plates with the light and flexible ES.

  • Can be used with all basic operating tables
  • Carbon connection plate for first-rate X-ray monitoring
  • Lower capital expenditure
  • Secure patient positioning
  • Easy handling
  • Space-saving storage

3- RotexShoe


Top quality, ease of use, and modular flexibility are some of the performance features of the RotexShoe for use in hip endoprosthetics, hip arthroscopy, and trauma surgery. The RotexShoe is the first extension shoe with quick locks worldwide. Preventive. Innovative. Stable. Secure. That defines the RotexShoe. The completely new design of the liner with a carbon shell is the first firmly anchored support and stabilization aid for the foot worldwide. Many years of experience and optimization processes were incorporated in the development and manufacture of the Rotex extension shoe. The highest priorities of the RotexShoe are safety and stability.

  • A shoe that is stable and can be firmly anchored as a foot holder in hip and trauma surgery
  • Consists of an anatomically shaped inner shoe with a carbon outer shoe
  • The single-use inner shoe provides the best possible hygiene for the patient
  • Compatible with all popular operating table systems
  • Practical, easy-to-use quick locks
  • Reduces the risk of injury to the patient
  • No need for additional, elaborate padding


4- CONDOR® GoldLine


Expressly designed for the demands and specific characteristics relevant to the abdominal cavity, the Abdominal Maxi Wound Retractor System allows the surgical team to perform high-precision work during abdominal procedures in the fields of visceral as well as vascular surgery.

  • Quick and easy setup
  • 3D configuration with spherical joints
  • Perfectly tailored to abdominal procedures
  • Spherical joints permit the independent lifting of the abdominal wall on the right or left
  • Stable and unimpeded setup facilitates tip-focused working – particularly for rectal surgeries
  • Special wound retractors for vascular surgery
  • For use in obesity surgery


5- EndoBoy™


The various ENDOBOY™ models offer surgeons unlimited opportunities for application: laparoscopy, spine and neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, general surgery, etc. Serving as the surgeon’s third hand, the ENDOBOY™ positions lenses, instruments, therapeutic devices or retractors and provides maximum support even when pressure is applied. Its quick lock makes the ENDOBOY™ easy to use. The surgeon can quickly change the position of the instrument holder with one hand.

  • The instrument holder with quick lock can be completely disassembled and is suitable for all decontamination procedures.
  • The pneumatic central holder can either be sterilized or shielded with a sterile protective cover.
  • The elastic spheres – autoclavable and insulating – are suitable for all types of instruments with a diameter of up to 12.5 mm.

6- Laparoscopic Liver Retractor


The laparoscopic retractor is used for the consistent retraction of the liver. This is the ideal initial condition for a motionless site and a successful surgery. The new Condor liver retractor is a perfect addition to the Condor GoldLine® product portfolio. With this product, too, the impressive modular design is paramount, allowing existing sets to be expanded. The system is attached to the operating table under sterile conditions. The unique 3D spherical image permits the individualized setting of the retractor based on the patient’s anatomical conditions. The laparoscopic retractor is especially designed for the retraction of the liver during laparoscopic procedures in the upper abdomen. At the same time, the continuous retraction of the liver also protects the liver from the remaining surgical site and procedure.

  •  Fast setup and disassembly
  • Unimpeded view due to the matte surface finish
  • Motionless surgical field –> work efficiently
  • Continuous retraction
  • The Condor GoldLine® modular design
  • 3D spherical image for individualized settings